What you could learn from FOODSAFE Level 1 Certificate Course

Fortunately, we can learn valuable lessons from common mistakes in the food industry and leverage scientific knowledge to establish a comprehensive food safety program. We would like to share insights from our learnings in FOODSAFE Level 1, organizing them into three parts.

Reference from below Unit:

Unit 1
The Causes of Foodborne Illness
-Food Contamination
-Food Allergies and Food Services

Unit 2
Microbes & Foodborne Illness
-Spores and Toxins
-Potentially Hazardous Foods

If you need advice on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, please feel free to contact our team.

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Unit 3
Food Safety Plans and HACCP
-Critical Control Point
-Monitoring Actions
-Corrective Actions
-Sample Food Safety Plans

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Reference from below Unit:

Unit 4
Food Handler Health & Hygiene

Unit 5
Receiving & Storing Food Safety

Unit 6
Preparing Food Safety
-Preventing Cross
-Cooking to right temperature
-Hot Holding Foods
-Cooling Foods

Unit 7
Serving Food Safety

Unit 8
Cleaning, Sanitizing & Pest Control

Unit 9
Premises Requirements


Having completed these courses, our team strongly recommends that anyone working in the food industry participate in this food safety program. Hazards in food handling are often imperceptible but occur frequently. We aim to make a meaningful contribution to both the food industry and public health by providing tangible data and promoting daily preventive measures in collaboration with you.


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