The soul of The Food

“Which part of the dining experience surprises you the most and will become a lasting memory?”

For me, it’s the sauce accompanying the dish – the soul of the food. For instance, the chef’s in-house sauce paired with the spicy chicken hamburger, the exclusive berry cream nestled in the middle of the chocolate roll, and the special sauce for the Bánh mì (Vietnamese Sandwich). I am genuinely impressed by how each sauce achieves a perfect balance, enhancing the food with a rich blend of flavors, not merely sweet or salty. I hope these remarkable sauce recipes can become fixtures on the menu, enduring for as long as possible.”

However, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the importance of preserving sauces, turning a delightful memory into a potential food crisis. This is particularly true when rich protein-based ingredients are exposed to high temperatures, leading to undesirable reactions. Additionally, when such ingredients, along with others like vegetables or fruits (with water or juice content), encounter these conditions, it provides an opportunity for microbes to thrive, potentially spoiling the food. Consequently, contaminated food poses a serious health risk to customers. Hence, it is advisable to be vigilant about the preservation of rich protein-based sauces, such as egg-yolk sauce, mayonnaise, and cream. These sauces should be stored at refrigerated temperatures, and if left unrefrigerated for more than two hours, they should not be used to ensure food safety.

In the post-pandemic era, people have grown accustomed to purchasing restaurant product-line foods to enjoy delicious meals at home in their comfort way. Simultaneously, restaurants are committed to building a sustainable business by developing product-line foods, such as proprietary sauces. Our team sees this as an anticipated avenue for business growth.

Photo Resource: Facebook Page of thankfranksauce

In light of the aforementioned fascination with sauces and the trend of product line development, our team would like to remind our supply chain partners to exercise caution in the cooling process of hot-temperature sauces, considering both time and environment factors. It is crucial to minimize the growth of pathogens and the potential for cross-contamination. We encourage you to preserve your sauce, keeping it as your forever eye-catching secret formula!
(This is a sincere wish from a food lover!)

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